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The Saint-Laurent of Tomorrow

The Borough of Saint-Laurent has undertaken a vast consultation and dialogue process with its residents, organizations, companies and institutions as well as with its other partners.

The purpose of this process is to identify the Saint-Laurent community's needs and aspirations in relation to a number of matters, including urban mobility, cultural development, the environment and sustainable development.

This dynamic consultation effort—which will be carried out all summer long—will include meetings, online tools, surveys and door-to-door visits and more, in order to encourage the participation of all the above-mentioned parties concerned and ensure that their views will be well represented.

The results of this process will help lay the foundations of the priority plans for Saint-Laurent in the years to come.

We want to hear what you have to say!

To express your views in English, come to the parks to answer the surveys there, or click here to leave us your comments online on the Partage d’idées page.

English comments are more than welcome!

To ask a question or share your comments with us, you can also email us at: