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What is Info-zonage?

Info-zonage is a search and circulation tool comprising the land usage and standards tables in effect in the Borough of Saint-Laurent. Using these tables, it is possible to ascertain the usage classes and development standards permitted in the zone where a specific address or lot number is located.

How do I use Info-zonage?

Simply type the street address or lot number to view the corresponding usage and standards table.

Who is Info-zonage intended for?

The data contained in Info-zonage can be helpful for individuals as well as for urban development professionals including urban planners, architects, surveyors, real-estate developers, notaries, etc. To access INFO-ZONAGE 

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Zoning bylaw

The usage classes and standards provided by Info-zonage are taken from the Zoning Bylaw. For information on the maps and on the Zoning Bylaw

Fact sheets

Do you have questions about bylaws, construction or cleanliness? Visit the Fact Sheet section, which contains comprehensive documentation on the most widely viewed bylaws, as well as the steps to follow to obtain a permit or a certificate of authorization.