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Organic Waste Collection

Materials accepted

Food waste (raw, cooked, rotten)
Vegetables including corncob

Meat and poultry including bones and fat
Fish including skin and bones
Seafood including shells
Solid dairy products (cheese, cream, butter, yogurt)

Grain products (bread, cereal, pasta, rice)
Nuts and shells

 Desserts and sweets (without the packaging)
Cakes, muffins and cookies

Fruits including pits, stones and stems
Spices and fine herbs
Meal preparation scraps (vegetable peels, eggshells, animal fat)
Restaurant food leftovers
Leftovers with vegetable fats and oils, sauces and vinaigrettes
Coffee grains, coffee filters and tea bags
Soiled paper and cardboard
Brown or white paper towels (used with biodegradable maintenance products)

Pizza boxes

Paper cups and plates
Facial tissues and their contents (except if they have been used with chemical or toxic products)
Paper muffin cups
French fry containers
Green waste
Grass clippings
Evergreen branches less than 1 metre long and less than 5 centimetres in diameter

Garden waste (flowers, fruits and vegetables, plants and weeds)

Christmas trees Wood chips, twigs, conifer needles, sawdust and straw
Other waste
Cold ashes from untreated wood




Hair, feathers

Pet food

Materials refused

Recyclable materials (glass, metal, plastic, paper and cardboard)

Ultimate waste (non-compostable, non-recoverable and non-recyclable materials)

Plastic bags, including biodegradable and compostable ones
Non-biodegradable materials (# 6 plastics, such as plastic wrap and polystyrene, etc.)

Leafy tree waste (from ash, maple and oak trees): branches, bark, wood chips

Hazardous household waste (HHW) : solvents, batteries, antifreeze, motor oil, etc.

Crystal, porcelain (china), ceramics
Baby diapers, incontinence pants, sanitary napkins (pads) and tampons

Animal litter

Cigarette butts

Cork stoppers
Parchment paper (wax paper) 
Chewing gum
Fabric and textiles
Biomedical waste
Dead animal parts and animals
Dental floss
Cotton swabs
Non-vegetable oils and fats
Large amounts of liquids (milk, juice, etc.)
Dryer lint, dust, wax
Hot ashes
Earth, rocks, sand
Construction and renovation materials: concrete, stone, cement, etc.
Materials treated or moistened with chemicals


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