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Day camps

Summer : June 24 - August 21

The registration period for the Borough of Saint-Laurent's summer camps, which will take , starts on February 4. Designed for children and teens age 5-16, the camps in Saint-Laurent offer loads of fun, educational and sports activities based on various themes. The cost of registration for most camps ranges from $122 to $152 per week.  Aside from the outings, summer camps are held at the Centre des loisirs as well as at the Sports Complex.

A certificate confirming the quality of programs and services
In 2019, Saint-Laurent day camps received the certification Camps de jour municipal conforme by the Association des camps du Québec, thus confirming the quality of the programs and services offered. As it may be recalled, it is municipal employees who have received over 55 hours of training, that have been given the responsibility of supervising the campers.

2020 Program

Spring Break : March 2-6 mars 2020

Designed for children from kindergarten to grade 6, Saint-Laurent's winter camp offer loads of fun, educational and sports activities with space as a theme. The cost of registration for the camp is $142. 


Telephone assistance is available at 514 855-6110. Register online for these day camps at loisirsmontreal.



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