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Research, reference and reader assistance

Librarians are available to answer all your questions, provide reference services and offer assistance.

Telephone: 514 634-3471, extension 342


Nelligan Catalogue

The Nelligan Catalogue gives access to the documentary resources of the Montréal libraries network. Among other things, you can search for a document, determine its availability and reserve it, and also renew your loans from home. Users can also access numerous electronic resources through the bibliothèques de Montréal site.

Wireless Internet

Both Borough of Lachine Libraries also offer wireless Internet access. For those whose own portable computer is equipped with a Wi-Fi card, this technology means that they do not have to wait for a work station.

Public computers with Internet access

Public computers with access to Microsoft Office suite are available free of charge. In order to access a computer, registration is required by presenting one’s valid membership card at one of the desks and waiting for a work station to become free.

Photocopier, scanner, printer, fax

  • 15¢ / page for black-and-white printing and photocopying
  • 25¢ / page for colour printing and photocopying
  • 25¢ / page for faxing locally
  • 25¢ / page for scanning.

Notices and displays

Notice boards and display stands for newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and leaflets are reserved for use by the Libraries, the Borough and Ville de Montréal.

Other notice boards are available to post any other type of information: job offers, small ads, and community and cultural information.

Organizations, groups or individuals wishing to post notices on the notice boards or leave pamphlets must first submit their material to a Library employee for approval, initialing and dating prior to posting it on the appropriate notice board or placing it in the display stands.

The Library reserves the right at all times to refuse or remove the material without need to provide any reason.