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  • The Mayor's Column - August 18, 2016Les Mardis cyclistes: Financial Support from the City of Montreal The City of Montreal has recognized the importance of Les Mardis cyclistes by granting it a financial support of $250,000, spread out over three years. Needless to say, I am very pleased with this support that has been granted to Les Mardis...
  • The Mayor's Column - July 28, 2016Pominville Sector: Good News for Residents! Residents in the Pominville sector recently received some very good news about the lands in their area. As you may recall, this former industrial zone has been undergoing major redevelopment for the past few years. Following many steps taken by our Administration,...
  • Urban Resilience Strategy - Public Opinion PollMontréal is conducting a public opinion poll on its ability to deal with stresses and crises, as well as to resume normal operations as soon as possible. This poll ( is designed to gather the perceptions of those who live or often spend time in Montréal,...

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