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Revitalization Saint-Pierre district

Integrated urban revitalization

In 2003, the city launched its integrated urban revitalization program in socially and economically underprivileged areas. This strategy is characterized by local management that integrates urban revitalization actions, both in the area’s physical environment and buildings as well as the socio-economic services offered to the public.

Much of the planning, implementing and follow-up of the program is done by the residents of the area and the institutions and bodies that represent them.

Elle donne aussi une large part à la population du secteur visé et aux instances qui la représentent dans la planification, la mise en œuvre et le suivi des actions.

Lachine’s Saint-Pierre neighbourhood is one of three sectors, along with Sainte-Marie et Galt, with an integrated urban revitalization pilot project. Saint-Michel and Montréal-Nord, which have already adopted similar programs, quickly joined the three pilot sectors.

A portrait of the Saint-Pierre neighbourhood

A portrait of the Saint-Pierre neighbourhood More photos

The first phase of the program consists of creating a portrait of what the Saint-Pierre neighbourhood could become.

Saint-Pierre chose the conceot of “the village” to symbolize its past as a town independent of Lachine. A revitalization committee was created in 2003. Their approach was based on citizen participation in all decision-making bodies, so the committee was mainly formed of Saint-Pierre residents, as well as municipal representatives and the borough’s partners in the community, associations and institutions.

During a series of consultations and discussions with Saint-Pierre residents, four key projects were identified to boost the area’s development:

  • Creation of a main steet on Rue Saint-Jacques
  • Outdoor activities: Saint-Pierre’s sports infrastructure
  • A feature event: “Le Festival de marionnette”
  • A general store (with food and services)

Following these orientation, an action plan was submitted in March 2004.

Achievements of the revitalization project

A few years have passed, and some projects were carried out, while others were set aside for possible development down the road.

The following projects were completed as part of revitalization:

  • Upgrade of sports and recreational infrastructures in Kirkland park (basketball, playground equipment, tennis, swimming pool, play fountains…)
  • Redesign of the Wilfrid-Vincent park
  • Creating and coordinating community and collective gardens
  • "P'tite maison" 
  • "Caserne des Jeunes" youth club
  • Community centre
  • Beautification of Rue Saint-Jacques (greening, plant wall, sidewalks with graphic design, optical illusion paintings, frescoes, street furniture, historical installations, flower boxes).
  • Neighbourhood and Halloween parties
  • Martin Belanger schoolyard relooking

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