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Nautical facilities

FanionLocated on the shores of St Louis Lake, just 15 minutes from downtown Montréal, Lachine is an oasis for pleasure boating, with its safe, comfortable marina.

In 2004, Lachine’s marina underwent $2 million worth of renovations. The platforms were replaced with new ones made of aluminum and poly propylene, walkways were rebuilt and water and electricity service was renewed.

Upgrading these infrastructures to comply with international standards made it possible to maximize the 500 spaces already available in Québec’s largest marina, and accommodate larger boats.



The marina’s operating season is from May 15 to October 15.
Surrounded by a picturesque shoreline park, the marina offers many services:

  • Arrivals (VHF 68)
  • Docking assistance
  • Play area for children
  • Laundry
  • Tennis courts
  • Drinking water
  • 30 amp and 50 amp electricity
  • Oil refill
  • Gas refill
  • Visitors’ platform
  • Boat launch
  • Phone reservations
  • Patios with BBQ
  • Picnic areas
  • Mobile mechanics on call
  • Parking
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Bike path
  • Nearby restaurants and patios

Contact information

1800, chemin des Iroquois
Lachine (Québec) H8S 4A6
Phone : 514 634-0646
Fax: 514 364-3127


    • By car: Exit 63 from Highway 20 or exit 2 – LaSalle
    • By public transportation: Bus 110, metro Angrignon
    • Via the Lachine Canal Bike Path

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Admission and fees

If you would like to be on the waiting list for the Lachine Port or the Game Hunting and Fishing Club, download and complete one of the following forms:

Send us your request:

      • By mail, fax ou e-mail.


Platform rental 

Seasonal fees *
 (May 15 - October 15) 
A deposit representing 50% of the amount of the rental, payable by January 30 of each year, must be made by anyone wanting to reserve a platform.
Platforms 1 to 40 **
Boats 42-50 feet long $58.80/foot applicable applicable
Platforms 41 to 372 **
Standard $56.10/foot applicable applicable
End dock $57.10/foot applicable applicable
Platforms 373 to 452
Boats 22 feet long or less $820 applicable applicable

* Sewage pumpout fees are included.

** A charge of $175 (plus tax) will be added for a 50-amp electrical outlet or for a second 30-amp electrical outlet. Billing is calculated based on a minimum lenght of 25 feet.

In addition to the seasonal fees, members must pay an environmental fee of $25 (plus tax) as well as a fixed annual fee of $75 (plus tax) per platform for the pool (upon proof of ownership, seasonal boaters who have more than one (1) boat will be billed for only one (1) pool fee).

After July 1, if platforms are still available, the fees for a platform, electricity, the pool and a second boat will be prorated, based on the 154-day season.

The following administrative fees will be deducted from refunds for cancellations..

Before May 15 (non-refundable deposit):

      • Platforms 1 to 372: $500 (plus tax)
      • Platforms 373 to 452: $200 (plus tax)

May 15-June 30(non-refundable deposit):
Prorated refund: seasonal rate divided by 154 days, multiplied by the number of days that have elapsed since cancellation date, plus the following administrative fees: 

      • Platforms 1 to 372: $500 (plus tax)
      • Platforms 373 to 452: $200 (plus tax)

No refunds starting July 1.

Rental of out-of-service platforms for boats for sale

Daily fee $7.25 applicable applicable

Platform rentals to visiting recreational boaters

Visitor 1-2 days* $2.10/foot applicable


Visitor 3-17 days* $2.10/foot/day-15% applicable


Visitor 18-30 days* $2.10/foot-40% applicable


* This rate includes access to the pool. A 25 feet minimum will be charged.

Rental and sale of goods and services

Flag $15.80 applicable applicable
Initial purchase of access card $18.50 applicable applicable
Additional access card $65 applicable applicable
Replacement of lost access card $18.50 applicable applicable
Annual access card activation fee $18.50 applicable applicable
Annual fee for additional electrical outlet $175 applicable applicable
Hose rack - purchase $83.50 applicable applicable
Hose rack - annual rental $42 applicable applicable
Bag of ice $3 applicable applicable
Use of washer/dryer $1.74 applicable applicable
Boat towing - hourly rate (minimum 1 hour) $40 applicable applicable
Boosting $8.70 applicable applicable


Platform for second boat, 12 feet long or less - annual fee $200 applicable applicable
Occasional temporary dry-docking after 48 hours - daily fee $17 applicable applicable
Temporary parking for trailer - daily fee $16 applicable applicable
Visitor's parking -
motor vehicle
- daily
- weekly
- monthly



Parking for recreational vehicle (RV) - daily $25 applicable applicable
Rental of site for an event *
- half-day
- full day



Pump-out $17.50 applicable applicable
Motor oil
- 500 ml
- 1 litre



Gasoline and diesel Market price +/- 15%
Rental of bilge pump - daily fee $25 applicable applicable
Rental of electric cable - daily fee $15 applicable applicable


Rental of 15-amp electrical adapter
Daily rate


applicable applicable
Odour eliminator (air freshener)
- 4 liter
- 1 liter

applicable applicable

* In addition to this fee, the user will have to pay the royalty fee to allow the performance of any work(s) for which SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) is authorized to grant a licence.




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