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Compulsory Registration of Dogs and Cats

All residents who own or keep a dog or a cat must have a valid dog or cat tag for the current year (January 1 – December 31) and must ensure that it is renewed for the following year. A tag indicating the year of the licence and the registration number of the dog is given to the person to whom the tag is issued. The dog must wear this dog tag around its neck at all times.


Dog: neutered: $25 (tax not applicable); non-neutered: $50 (tax not applicable)

Cat: neutered, $10 (tax not applicable); non-neutered, $25 (tax not applicable)

You may obtain these ID tags at the Bureau du citoyen. The charges are payable in cash, by credit card or debit card or by cheque. In addition, if your pet has been microchipped, you will benefit from a discount of $5. You may also make your payment by mail; just fill out and return us the enclosed duly completed form, along with your payment. As soon as we receive them, we will send you your pet's ID tag.