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Permits and inspections division

Any construction work requires a permit. In order to obtain one, you will have to fill in the permit request form and return it by fax at 514-780-7709 or by email at Before getting started with any kind of construction work outside your building, we recommend that you contact the permits and inspections division by phone at 634-3471 ext. 296.

Inspectors can provide you with information on the distances to be respected within the limit of your property. These can vary depending on the area and location of your building.

If your building is located in the Village Saint-Louis (Prével), on Boulevard Saint-Joseph (between 6e and 32e Avenue) or around the Musée de Lachine, please be aware that the Lachine exerts an architectural control over most of the works undertaken on the exterior aspect of the building.

Here is some useful information about the most popular residential works in the summer:

Blind walls

Often made of wire netting, these walls are also called intimacy walls. Their construction is allowed for row houses, in which case they can only reach a maximum of 3 m (10 pi) in height and 3 m (10 pi) in length. They should be built in the backyard, following the continuation of the party wall. In twin duplexes, 2 meters-height walls are allowed in the galleries and balcony, and have to follow the continuation of the party wall in the front and backyard.

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