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Recyclable material


Secteur 1 : Monday

  • West of 32e Avenue
  • East of 32e Avenue (south of rue Victoria)

Secteur 2 : Thursday

  • East of 32e Avenue (rue Victoria and north)
  • Saint-Pierre district

360 litres wheeled recycling bins

BinAdvantages of the 360-litre bin:

  • Its increase the quantity of recyclables collected;
  • Its wheels and handles make it easier to manoeuvre;
  • Its lid protects the contents from inclement weather;
  • Enables a faster, more efficent mechanized pickup;
  • Helps keep our streets neat.

Since the collection if wheeled bins is mechanised, you must follow these rules:

  • Place the bin t 15-30 cm (6-12 inches) from the curb. Never place the bin on the street;
  • Leave a clearance of at least 30 cm (1 ft) around the container;
  • The recycling bin should be easily visible and accessible to the operator;
  • Misplaced bin, not closed or containing garbage other than recyclable material will not be picked up;
  • No recyclable material outside the bin will be picked up;
  • Place the bin at the curb the day before after 6 p.m. or on collection day before 7 a.m.

How do I place my bin?


  • Paper, cardboard, glass, metal/aluminum, plastic (except All no. 6 plastics (styrofoam)).

Materials that are not collected for recycling

  • Soiled or greasy paper and cardboard, wax paper, stickers, painted paper (wallpaper), photographic paper, metallic wrapping paper, padded envelopes, composite items (binders, etc.), diapers
  • Drinking glasses, window panes, mirrors, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, porcelain and ceramics, broken dishes
  • Paint cans, solvents, pesticides, aerosol cans, scrap metal, pipes, nails, screws, pots and pans, muffin tins, electronics, small and large appliances, objects made of several materials (toys, tools, etc.)
  • Soiled plastic wrap, waxed cereal or cracker bags, potato chip bags (grease), stretch wrap (wrappers for pasta, meat, cheese etc.), tarps (pool covers, awnings, etc.)
  • All no. 6 plastics (styrofoam)
  • Containers for paint and oil, pipes, etc., toothpaste pumps, rubber products (garden hoses, boots, etc.), items made of several materials (toys, tools, etc.).

Recyclable Materials

Montreal bin

Montreal bin
The 67-litre Montréal bin is available upon request to residents who are unable to use the standard wheeled bin. Please contact the Bureau du citoyen.

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