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Household and Bulky Waste

The household waste collection is carried out once a week all year long.
The collection of bulky waste items and residential construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) debris is carried out at the time of the first collection of household waste of the month.

 Sector 1Sector 2
Household waste collection Friday Tuesday
Collection of bulky waste and CRD debris First Friday of each month First Tuesday of each month

Household waste and stuffed bulky waste

Time and location

The household waste must be disposed of by the curb between 7 p.m. the day before and 7 a.m. the day of the collection.

Containers accepted

  • a closed, leak-proof garbage can with handles and a lid
  • a wheeled bin compatible with the European lift system (maximum 360 litres)
  • a non-see-through plastic bag

The maximum weight of each manually-emptied containermust not exceed 25 kg after it has been filled.

For residents served by the organic waste collection, the maximum volume of household waste allowed has been set at 360 litres.

Unacceptable waste materials

  • automotive batteries
  • branches 20 cm and over, trunks and stumps
  • tires
  • hazardous household waste (HHW)
  • televisions and computer screens
  • electronic products
  • all materials that are picked up in a special collection (recycling, green waste, organic waste, bulky waste)

See the Écocentre page to find out the methods and procedures for disposing of this waste.

Non stuffed bulky waste and CRD debris

Since January 2016, a collection of non stuffed bulky waste items is being carried out with the first household waste collection of each month, depending on the sector.  


  • The maximum volume for this collection is 5 m3.
  • The maximum weight per container is 25 kg.
  • Place bulky items along the outer edge of the sidewalk between 7 p.m. the day before and 7 a.m. on the day of the collection, in front of your home (on the City's right-of-way).
  • The materials or bulky items placed elsewhere on your grounds will not be picked up.
  • Don't dispose of any loose materials; they won't be picked up.


  • Only individuals are eligible for this service.
  • Non-profit organizations: contact the Bureau du citoyen.
  • Schools, embassies, churches, private companies, etc. must deal with a private firm to obtain this service.

Acceptable materials

  • furniture and household appliances
  • small construction debris: wood, railroad ties, gypsum, metal, concrete, bricks, window panes and mirrors  
  • Nails must be removed from wooden planks, which must be disposed of in bundles 50 centimetres in diameter and a maximum of one meter long, and the same applies to railroad tracks
  • earthwork materials: sand, asphalt, soil, stone and grass sod, placed in containers
  • Debris and materials of all kinds must be disposed of in boxes or other safe containers. Materials or debris that are loose are not accepted.

Infested bulky waste items

Same conditions as for regular bulky waste items

Bags are available at the Bureau du citoyen

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