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Comité consultatif d’urbanisme

The Comité consultatif d'urbanisme is a working group composed of an elected representative, residents and municipal officers. Its primary mandate is to formulate opinions and recommendations on planning matters for the borough council.

The committee studies the following:

  • Requests for minor variances;
  • Applications for construction permits in areas subject to a site planning and architectural integration program (PIIA);
  • General development plans;
  • Applications for demolition permits.

The committee members are:

  • Mrs. Michèle Flannery, Borough councillor and President of the committee
  • Mrs. Maja Vodanovic, Borough Mayor
  • Mr. Martin Alix, resident
  • Mr. François Martineau resident
  • Mrs. Mélanie Cherrier, resident
  • Mrs. Francine Boudreau-Arpin, resident
  • Mrs. Julie Levasseur, resident

The technical team supporting the committee:

  • Mr. Michel Séguin- directeur d'arrondissement adjoint et responsable du développement du territoire et des services administratifs
  • Mrs. Fella Maherzi - conseillère en aménagement

Any project request may be made to:

Direction - Développement du territoire et des services administratifs
Mairie d'arrondissement
1800, boulevard Saint-Joseph, Lachine
Phone: 514 634-3471, extension 296