Night and Day

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Quartier des Spectacles keeps the fun coming and the public is always ready and willing to discover the novel activities prepared for them on the street, in public spaces and inside the performance halls and other cultural venues. It’s a distinctive urban experience and cultural journey for them, supported by a strong and inclusive visual identity.

Shedding Light on Montréal’s Cultural Offerings

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The expression of the Quartier’s unique character is communicated first and foremost by its impressive concentration of cultural assets, and its visual and territorial identity developed by renowned designers Ruedi Baur and Jean Beaudoin of Intégral.

At the heart of their concept is the lighting plan which gives the Quartier its unique identity. Its components are inspired by the nature of the Quartier itself: the territory as canvas; rue Sainte-Catherine — Montréal’s main commercial artery — as foundation; the performance halls as landmarks.