Inside and Out

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It is Montréal creativity that shapes and defines Quartier des Spectacles, both in its public areas and in its 80 performance halls.

The concept for its development arose from an intense creative effort in which the public domain is itself seen as a performance space, a living theatre. By its very form, the urban furniture and the materials being used, the sector represents a willingness to affirm and sustain itself as a cradle of cultural activity.

The design of the four new public spaces (Place des Festivals, Promenade des Artistes, Le Parterre, Esplanade Clark) and the redevelopment of rue Sainte-Catherine, supported by the designs of the urban furniture and specialized equipment, is to facilitate outdoor cultural activities. Rue Sainte-Catherine, paved from side to side, is pedestrian-only in summertime. In other seasons, bollards clearly demark the road from the walking area

Place des Festivals is a vast public space for festivals and other large-scale events. It features Canada’s largest array of animated and interactive fountains made up of 235 water jets, as well as four lighting superstructures and two “living showcases” with food service.

Promenade des Artistes came to be through the reduction of car traffic lanes. “Event showcases” are in place, large structures for the placement of shortterm or temporary art shows as well as tents and information booths. Notable installations include 21 Swings, a collective musical instrument that is both a game and street furniture. It appears each spring.

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Le Parterre is a vast green space created by the reconfiguration of the streets to the east of the Maison Symphonique de Montréal. It is available for events and temporary exhibitions.

Esplanade Clark, along rue Sainte-Catherine, will be another large event space.