On the Ground and In the Air

Light! It’s everywhere in the Quartier, defining and punctuating it.

And light is the first manifestation of the district’s visual identity: the Luminous Pathway establishes Quartier des Spectacles as a reference point in the city’s urban brand.

Maison du Festival   Clocher
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The Luminous Pathway and its Three Components

  1. A Shared Lighting Signature:
    A double line of red dots on the sidewalk in front of the district’s performance halls forms a fun and vibrant red carpet that shows the way into the cultural venues.
  2. Architectural Lighting:
    Lighting up building facades reveals the character and activities to be found inside.
  3. Video Projections:
    Several facades are used to display artistic video projections — with the buildings’ architectural elements taken into account — establishing Montréal’s position as an international leader in digital arts, and the only place in the world to present such works all year round.

A Strong and Sustainable Brand Image

Beautifully dressed in light, yet protective of the night sky (reducing light pollution) and energy-efficient. These brilliantly-conceived applications of light show the creative potential of this ambitious urban branding project.