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Discover the Quartier des Spectacles

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The heart of this city has been beating with a cultural rhythm for more than a century. Reputed as a pleasure destination, the Red Light District of the Roaring Twenties has given way to today’s Quartier des Spectacles, home to an impressive array of creative and artistic works and performances.

As Broadway is to New York, Quartier des Spectacles is to Montréal. While similar in their concentration of cultural assets, the two districts are nonetheless very different. Indeed, when one considers the diversity of the cultural offering throughout the year, there is nothing in North America quite like Quartier des Spectacles.

A Place to Live

Culture is certainly its well-known character trait but this is also a balanced neighbourhood that is home to a diversified and harmonious blend of residents and a host of services. Community living, campus life and artistic activity come together in this territory, even as it serves as a circuit of discovery and destination for international visitors. Economic, cultural and urban living concerns all intersect here.

A Place to Learn

Quartier des Spectacles is also a centre of higher learning where education is integrated into the urban fabric, contributing to the sector’s vitality. Its identity and that of its institutions are bolstered by the presence of the campus of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), the college Cégep du Vieux Montréal and the city’s main library, the Grande Bibliothèque. Their offerings combine social concerns with creative innovation.

A Place to Create

This major public redevelopment will definitively establish Quartier des Spectacles as a hub for creation, innovation, production and performance. A veritable polestar of culture, this constantly-evolving locus has attracted creative talent from Montréal and all other points for over 100 years.

A Place to Enjoy

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Montréalers and visitors flock to Quartier des Spectacles by the millions every year to revel in a rich program of local, national and international special events and activities played out in its many halls and theatres as well as out on the street.