A Glance at Some of the Partnership’s Programming


21 Swings

Coming with the return of spring each year on Promenade des Artistes is 21 Swings. The installation is an exercise in musical cooperation, falling somewhere between urban furniture and a fun game. It’s a collectively-played instrument created by artist-designers Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat of Daily tous les jours Studio, and it amuses young and old. It’s now a spring ritual for many Montrealers.

Fête de Montréal – May 17

Citizens come to Quartier des Spectacles on this day each year to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of their city through special programming that focuses on Montréal’s creativity.


Activities in Place Émilie-Gamelin

Place Émilie-GamelinClick to view album

In addition to the urban furniture that invites people to just relax in the park, summertime programming has been offered since 2010, attracting people who live and work in the area.

Activities on Sainte-Catherine

The street becomes pedestrianonly to make way for fun and unusual festivities, such as street theatre, music, dancing and circus arts. The urban furniture are brought out, inviting people to take it easy and soak up the ambiance of a Montréal summer.

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The Marathon des Arts

Automne en villeClick to enlarge

The Marathon des Arts takes place in Place des Festivals during the annual Journées de la culture, an open invitation to gather under the big tents and enjoy intimate performances from the artists of cultural organizations in the Quartier.

The Fall Exhibition

Vacationers return to work and school, and this exhibition takes place on Promenade des Artistes, between Place des Festivals and Le Parterre.



Sphére polairesClick to view album

Winter lasts a long time in Montréal and so does this event, several weeks of immersive experiences that sheds light on new installations and video projections, chosen from the entries to an annual competition.

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Video Projections

Several buildings in Quartier des Spectacles offer their facades as projection screens for artistic videos. The building surfaces are digitized in order to precisely identify projection zones and analyze how their architectural elements will interact with the videos.

Sphére polairesClick to view album

Programming content is frequently refreshed, and two events are emerging as not-to-be-missed in the media arts community: the Parcours numérique video series, part of the International Digital Arts Biennial, in collaboration with Mutek and Élektra, and Luminothérapie – Video Projections (architectural mapping).

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