The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership and its Roles as a Presenter: Facilitating, Unifying and Prospecting

The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership has the mandate to bring its public spaces to life through diversified programming that enriches the Quartier des Spectacles experience and makes it a topnotch cultural destination.

Activities in Quartier des Spectacles public spaces complement the entertainment to be found in
the district’s halls and theatres, prolonging the cultural experience outdoors with stimulating and
inspiring things to do. The overall visitor experience is compounded and made special in the synergy of indoor and outdoor programming. With its concentration of many different attractions, Quartier des Spectacles is a centre of marvellous enjoyment, the vibrant heart of a great cultural metropolis.

In addition to approximately forty festivals and numerous other events in the Quartier, the Partnership contributes its own public programming, ensuring there are outdoor cultural events
happening all year long.

A programming policy — drafted in collaboration with the Quartier’s many partners — sets out the principles upon which the Partnership’s outdoor program is based, with the overall objective of establishing the Quartier’s unique identity, based on creativity, boldness and authenticity.

This programming role is carried out in close collaboration with Ville de Montréal, and manifests
itself in several ways:


The Partnership receives and processes applications from organizations wishing to hold events in the Quartier’s public spaces. Successful groups are given advice and assistance on various aspects including logistics and technical issues, as well as materials and services.


In the effort to promote diversity and freshness in its outdoor programming, the Partnership also offers financial support to the production and staging of artistic and cultural events in Quartier des Spectacles public spaces. The Partnership’s support fund plays a significant role in being able to present innovative cultural projects.


In the quieter times of the year, the Partnership takes a more direct hand in the Quartier’s outdoor programming schedule by presenting original artistic and cultural activities generated through competitions, calls for submissions, special requests, and direct production or coproduction.

Many of these projects become recurrent cultural events which mark the seasons, promote the Quartier as a cultural destination and forge strong links with Montrealers and visitors.