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Municipal plans and policies

Following the Montréal Summit in 2002, the city adopted a number of plans and policies to guide its actions according to its jurisdiction. These plans and policies set out a vision of how the city was to renew itself, based on sustainable development principles.

Ten years later, the Montréal Development Plan (MDP) is an opportunity to take stock of the city’s development issues.

The MDP will set out a strategic vision of the city’s future, integrating the key elements of the main plans and policies adopted by the city and reflecting a consensus in the community. The city will strive to ensure the greatest possible consistency between the Montréal Development Plan, its policies, programs and management mechanisms.

For more information on the current policies and plans

The following list is not exhaustive. For example, it does not include the policies and plans adopted by the boroughs.



Economic Development

Environment and sustainable development




Politics and democracy

Public security

Sport and recreation


Universal accessibility

Urban planning

Download background documents for the draft Montréal Development Plan