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Vision and principles

As the draft Development Plan states, Montréal must base its development on its distinguishing characteristics and showcase its personality.

Montréal's assets
Montréal has many assets, ranging from its singular landscapes to its diverse neighbourhoods, friendly citizens and bold creators and entrepreneurs. Now it needs to draw on these strengths to prosper and grow.

  • A vibrant and inclusive international metropolis, on a human scale, at the heart of a large metropolitan area
  • A cultural vitality exceptional in North America and creative strengths recognized worldwide
  • A highly diversified economy and a city of knowledge
  • Neighbourhoods with many different advantages: quality of life, varied activities, access to public transit, employment areas nearby, green spaces, etc.
  • An inhabited and vibrant downtown, brimming with cultural and economic activity
  • Transportation networks that guide the city’s development, in particular the public transit system
  • A great capacity to accommodate new households and new businesses
  • A Nordic city surrounded by water, which changes with the seasons
  • A network of major parks, including the Mount Royal and Jean Drapeau parks, and ecoterritories
  • Québec’s metropolis and the largest Francophone city in North America, which values and is proud of its unique assets

Montréal's development challenge
The development challenge for Montréal is to renew itself, applying sustainable development principles for its current citizens and future generations by encouraging all stakeholders in society to participate in the decision-making process. The goal is to shape a contemporary urban centre that is inclusive and dynamic on economic, cultural and social levels and develop a city that will presrve and imporve its environment.

Development principles
The draft Development Plan is based on the following principles:

  • A compact city that encourages a wide range of urban activities
  • The consolidation of the core metropolitan area
  • A city that values solidarity and inclusiveness
  • Quality residential neighbourhoods that give the city its social diversity
  • Community health, education, culture, sports and recreation services for all ages
  • Three strong employment and economic centres: the greater downtown centre and the complementary Western and Eastern centres
  • The development of public transit and active transportation
  • The reduction of greenhouse gases (GG), adapting to climate change and increasing biodiversity
  • A healthy and safe environment
  • High-quality public spaces
  • A city of design, that protects and promotes its heritage and landscapes
  • Community involvement in drawing up and implementing the Development Plan

Download background documents for the draft Montréal Development Plan