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Montréal for Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s Montréal

The proposed vision

Discover the development vision the city of Montréal is proposing over a 20-year horizon.

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Montréal for Tomorrow evenings

The shared vision

Discover the ideas and aspirations expressed by citizens at Montréal for Tomorrow evenings.

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What kind of city do we want?

How can we make Montréal an even better place to live, a more caring, more creative and more prosperous city? What kind of city do we want to shape for today and leave for future generations? What are our needs, our dreams, our models?

It is with all this in mind that Montrealers were invited in 2012 to give their thoughts on the Montréal Development Plan that the city intends to adopt in 2013. The goal was to give Montréal a shared vision of the future, to define its priorities and to commit ourselves to working together to achieve them.

public input process was set up so that all the stakeholders in Montréal’s development could have a say. The process was based on the aims proposed in the Draft Montréal Development Plan.

The document was modified slightly following this process. The most important changes were made in the “implementation” section, which was replaced by a five-year municipal action plan entitled Act on the city. This revised version is the subject of a new step in the consultation process by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal.

Download background documents for the draft Montréal Development Plan