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Development Plan

Following the Montréal Summit in 2002, the city adopted a number of plans and policies, establishing the main orientations in many different municipal fields.

The time has come to combine all these orientations and take an integrated approach to the challenges facing Montréal.

“The city must draw up a plan for the development of its territory that encompasses the environmental, transportation and community, cultural, economic and social development objectives pursued by the city.”

Section 91 of the Charter of Ville de Montréal

The Montréal Development Plan, to be adopted in 2013, offers Montrealers the opportunity to come up with a concerted vision for the city’s development over a 20-year horizon.

The vision is based on principles and structured according to three development directions: Living and growing up in Montréal, Working and studying in Montréal, and Shaping the city.

The goal is to work together to establish priorities and means of implementing the Plan so as to improve Montrealers’ living environment, make Montréal a more attractive city, stimulate its growth and increase our collective wealth.

Financial and fiscal resources will be required to carry out the Plan, so the draft Development Plan also outlines a preliminary financial framework.

Even more important in determining the future of the city is the input from its citizens, associations and Montréal's public- and private-sector partners.

In this section of the site you will find an overview of the main elements of the draft Montréal Development Plan. For more details on the Plan, you can download the related background documents.

The Montréal Development Plan

The Plan, drawn up in accordance with section 91 of the Charter of Ville de Montréal, has no regulatory force. It outlines a strategic development vision, based on the key aspects of the plans and policies adopted by City Council in recent years.

This approach makes it possible to integrate the major urban, social, economic, environmental, cultural and financial issues affecting Montréal's development. The city will strive to ensure the greatest possible consistency between the Montréal Development Plan, its policies, programs and management mechanisms.

Although the Montréal Development Plan (MDP) is not tied to the Act respecting land use planning and development, it will nonetheless serve as a basis for a review of the Land Use and Development Plan for the Montréal urban agglomeration and the Montréal Master Plan.

The MDP is intended to provide a shared reference for public- and private-sector, institutional and sociocommunity players, to help them draw up common strategies concerning Montréal’s development.

More specifically, the MDP will serve as a reference for the preparation of the land occupancy and vitality agreement to be concluded with the Québec government, under its Strategy to ensure the occupancy and vitality of territories.

Download background documents for the draft Montréal Development Plan