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A message from our elected officials

To stimulate its growth and improve the quality of life of its citizens, the Ville de Montréal must have a strategic development vision. The Montréal Development Plan (MDP) project was drafted with this goal in mind, as stipulated by the Charter of the Ville.

Covering all fields of municipal intervention, this orientation document integrates the guidelines of the different plans and policies adopted by the city over the past 10 years. The vision it sets forth includes shaping the city according to sustainable development principles to make Montréal a great city in which to live, grow up, work and study.

This vision was subject to a public input process among more than 1,000 citizens and partners in 2012. The exercise created widespread support of the objectives targeted by the MDP and the need to prioritize actions to ensure their realization.

The document, then, was revised according to the results of the process undertaken. It now includes a five-year action plan based on the city’s financial resources. Entitled Act on the city, this action plan is a formal and achievable municipal commitment. It is based on the following four major priority actions: strengthen Montréal’s leadership as a city, improve the quality of community life in its neighbourhoods, increase the use of public transit and active modes of transportation and, finally, modernize infrastructures and invest in the quality of public realm.

Due to the strategic scope of the Development Plan, it is our hope that the Office de consultation publique de Montréal completes the steps that were initiated in 2012. We hope that these new public consultations will mobilize all stakeholders in the city’s development so that together they can move forward on consensus-building priority actions.

Laurent Blanchard
Mayor of Montréal

Member of the Executive Committee
Responsible for Urban Planning and Economic Development


Download background documents for the draft Montréal Development Plan