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Mayor Copeman and Councillor Perez propose a 250 000$ emergency fund for work related to health and security in lieu of landlords

March 23, 2017

Montreal, March 23, 2017 - The borough of Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce has intensified its efforts to combat unsafe and unsanitary residential buildings on its territory.  Today, Mayor Copeman and Councillor Perez announce the creation of an emergency borough fund to be able to carry out work in lieu of landlords. It will allow the borough's permit and inspection service to address the most urgent cases which imperil the health and safety of tenants.  The money will be drawn from the borough's surplus and the fund could be replenished by borough council as needed.  “The funding of these exceptional measures permits us to help tenants who are victims of delinquent landlords. We can correct unsafe conditions and restore a healthy and secure environment for citizens in a more timely manner,” explained borough mayor, Russell Copeman.

Work that falls under the Règlement sur la salubrité, l'entretien et la sécurité des logements which imperils the health and safety of occupants could be undertaken at the landlord's expense. This exceptional measure does not exempt the borough from having to advise landlords of the nature of the work that will be carried out at their expense and give them the opportunity to correct the situation. The timeline given landlords will depend on the gravity of the situation. The borough can recoup its costs either as a secured creditor or by imposing a legal mortgage on the property for the amount owed.

“It is important to underline that the rules and standards for awarding contracts will be in effect.  The need to act urgently will not diminish our insistence that public funds be managed in a rigorous and transparent manner,” added Lionel Perez, councillor for the district of Darlington.

With the addition of two building inspectors to its personnel in 2014 and an increase in administrative support in the permits and inspection division, the borough of CDN-NDG has reduced its response times for non-emergency requests from 15 days to 3.  The number of annual building inspections has practically doubled:  from 2250 in 2014 to 3919 in 2016.

“The creation of an emergency fund dedicated to work undertaken by the borough in lieu of landlords demonstrates our will to play a strong leadership role in the war against unsafe dwellings,” concluded Russell Copeman.