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In the vast majority of cases, a permit is required for building a deck. A permit is not required only if the deck meets the following three criteria:

  • The floor is 60 cm (24 in) or less above ground level
  • No part of the structure is more than 1.07 m (42 in) above the floor
  • The deck is not located in the front yard (i.e. the portion of the lot on which it is located must not be facing a street) and is not visible from a public thoroughfare

If you intend to replace an outside door at the same time, however, you must obtain a permit. Please see the section on doors and windows.

Finally, if the floor of the planned deck is more than 1 m above ground level, there are other requirements. In such cases it is best to meet with a designer and a representative of the Perrmits and inspections division, before purchasing your materials.


As part of your permit request, bring the following documents to the Perrmits and inspections division service desk:

  • The location certificate (2 copies)
  • A draft of the project, drawn to scale (2 copies)
  • Pictures
  • A cost estimate
  • The contractor’s contact information, if applicable
  • Payment for the survey fees
  • A mandate from the owner is required if the permit is applied for by proxy

Fees for residential buildings
$8.90 per each $1000 in construction costs (minimum fee of $130)