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Doors and windows

You need a permit to replace or add doors and windows or to change the size of openings. Before ordering or purchasing your materials and before starting work, check with the Permits and inspections division, even if you think your building is just “ordinary”, it may have heritage value or be located in a special sector. The city has identified a number of sectors in which homeowners must pay careful attention to architectural components, including doors and windows, when doing exterior renovation work. Plan your work in advance, as it may take a while for permits to be issued.

When looking at new doors and windows, choose ones close to the original model. If you intend to change the sizes of existing openings, make new openings or seal up a door or window opening, make sure you comply with by-laws and regulations. First of all, all habitable rooms, except the kitchen, must be lit by daylight. Second, all habitable rooms must have a door or window provided with a ventilation opening. Only the kitchen and the bathroom may be ventilated by a fan instead of an opening window.

Once you have made your choice, you must obtain a permit. Then you can purchase the materials and begin installation.


As part of your permit request, bring the following documents to the Permits and inspections division service desk:

  • The location certificate (2 copies)
  • A draft of the project, drawn to scale (2 copies)
  • Pictures
  • A cost estimate
  • The contractor’s contact information, if applicable
  • Payment for the survey fees
  • A mandate from the owner is required if the permit is applied for by proxy

Fees for residential buildings
$8.90 per each $1000 in construction costs (minimum fee of $130)

Fees for every other type of building
$8.90 per each $1000 in construction costs (minimum fee of $390)

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