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Trees on private property

Acquisition of a permit is mandatory before felling a tree whose diameter is equal to or greater than 10 cm (measurement taken 1.3 m from the ground). In order to obtain this permit, it must be shown that the tree is liable to cause damage, is dead, or is afflicted with an incurable disease.

Note that permission to fell a tree is valid only for that tree that is the object of the permit request. Moreover, it is forbidden to fell any tree, plant, or cultivated shrub located between the curb (or sidewalk) and the property line. This land is public property.

If a neighbour’s tree becomes a nuisance, first try to discuss the matter with that neighbour. If an agreement cannot be reached, you may resort to the recourses provided by the Civil Code of Québec.

As part of your permit request, bring the following documents to the Permits and inspections division service desk:

  • The property location certificate (3 copies)
  • A photograph of the tree (3 copies, in colour)
  • A draft drawn to 1:200 scale, showing the location, dimension, and nature of the tree concerned (3 copies)
  • Payment for the survey fees
  • The Tree Cutting Permit Application [119,8 ko - 3 pages] duly filled
  • A mandate from the owner is required if the permit is applied for by proxy

File evaluation fees
Tree felling on private property: $108
Tree felling on private property located in the Mount Royal Historic and Natural District: 215 $

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