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Temporary car shelters

The Borough of CDN—NDG does not require that you own a permit for the installation of a temporary car shelter. You must, however, respect the following guidelines:

  • Installation is permitted from October 15th to April 15th.
  • Only one temporary car shelter may be installed on any given property.
  • The shelter must be located no closer than 0.75 m to the sidewalk, 1.5 m to a fire hydrant, and at least 5 m away from the road at an intersection. In order to prevent snow from sliding onto a neighbouring property, a margin of safety must be provided for with respect to your property line.
  • Installation is permitted only for a parking space attendant to a building dedicated exclusively to residential dwelling.
  • Installation of a temporary car shelter is prohibited on cultural property or historical monuments, in a historic or natural district, on a historical site, or on a heritage site as defined in the Cultural Property Act (L.R.Q., chapter B-4).
  • A shelter may not be used as storage space.

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