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The struggle against graffiti

An employee cleaning graffiti on a brick wallIn addition to police interventions, the encouragement of denouncement, and legal alternatives, a by-law is supporting the efforts to eradicate graffiti on CDN—NDG borough territory. The By-law requiring that property be kept graffiti-free came into effect on October 19 2011.

The regulation, which is applied in different ways according to the type of building under consideration, prohibits the affixing and maintaining of graffiti on both private and public property and imputes responsibility to owners in this regard.

Small residential and commercial buildings, housing cooperatives, and not-for-profit community groups
Owners of residential buildings with fewer than six dwellings and of commercial or mixed buildings (with both one or more dwellings as well as space used for purposes other than residential) with a surface area that is less than 300 m2, along with not-forprofit community organizations and housing cooperatives, can adhere to the borough’s beautification program. If they adhere to the program, the borough will pay for the cost of removing graffiti located less than five metres above the ground.

Large residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings
Called upon to contribute to the collective effort to increase cleanliness in CDN —NDG , owners of residential buildings with more than six dwellings and of commercial or mixed buildings with a surface area that is more than 300 m2, along with owners of industrial or institutional buildings, are responsible for the removal of graffiti on their property.

By-law requiring that property be kept graffiti-free (french only) [73,8 ko - 5 pages]

Residents are encouraged to report offenders by calling 9-1-1 directly and to report graffiti on Ville de Montréal property by calling 3-1-1.

Fighting agains tags on your property

  • Keep the area clean and tidy.
  • Install a lighting system with a motion detector.
  • Plant vines or shrubs.
  • Report graffiti to the police every time.

Tricks and tips: graffiti and posters [951 KB - 1 page]

Graffiti on private property

Property owners wishing to take advantage of the borough’s beautification program should fill out the attached form giving city workers access to their property, and return it by email to the CDN-NDG Accès Montréal office:

Free graffiti removal kit 

The écoquartiers  are distributing kits to citizens intent on erasing unwanted graffiti from their property.

  • Each kit contains a pail (with protective glasses, gloves, etc.) to go along with products varying in strength, depending on whether the surface is smooth or porous and on the type of product used to apply the graffiti.
  • To get one :
    • Écoquartier de Côte-des-Neiges : 6767, chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, bureau 591 
    • Écoquartier de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce : 6575, avenue Somerled, bureau 206