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40 km secteur

Traffic signs used in the 40 km/h sectorsIn December 2009, Manon Barbe, the Ville de Montréal Executive Committee member responsible for transportation, and Claude Trudel, member responsible for public safety and security, announced measures to introduce the reduced 40 km/h speed limit on local residential streets in Montréal boroughs.

The sector concept was chosen in implementing the 40 km/h limit so that fewer traffic signs would need to be installed. Upon entering a sector consisting of residential streets, drivers will see a sign marked “MAXIMUM 40 – SECTEUR.” They must observe this speed limit unless they see a traffic sign indicating a different limit. If a sign shows a speed limit without the “SECTEUR” reference, the limit applies only to the street along which the sign is installed.

As a general rule, the limit on main arteries remains at 50 km/h. This same limit will also apply in industrial zones and on roads with preferential measures for public transit(reserved lanes or rapid bus service). Similarly, a 30 km/h limit applies to school zones and to zones around parks, all indicated by signage.

Example of speed-limit signage in a residential sector

Example of speed-limit signage in a residential sector

The reduced 40 km/h speed limit is among the measures for improving Montrealers’ quality of life. It will help lower the risk of accidents and the seriousness of injuries. A pedestrian’s probability of death if struck by a car is 70% at 50 km/h but only 25% at 40 km/h.