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On August 18, 2015, the city adopted the By-law concerning solid-fuel-burning devices and fireplaces. The by-law is in force in all 19 boroughs and consists of:

  • Prohibiting the use of solid-fuel-burning appliances during smog warnings, effective immediately.
  • Requiring owners of such appliances to declare them 120 days after the by-law was adopted, or until December 22.
  • As of October 1, 2018, prohibiting the use of solid-fuel-burning appliances, unless they are recognized by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and emit no more than 2.5 g/hr of fine particles into the atmosphere.
  • Authorizing the use of all solid-fuel-burning devices during electricity outages that last more than three hours.

What is a solid-fuel-burning appliance?

Solid-fuel-burning appliances include stoves, prefabricated or conventional fireplaces designed to burn wood logs or other solid materials such as ecological logs, pellets or coal. Gas and electric fireplaces are not solid-fuel-burning appliances.

Why was this by-law adopted?
Burning wood is an important source of fine particle emission (PM2,5) in Montréal (39%), just behind transportation (45%). It is one of the main causes of wintertime smog.

In addition to the impact on the environment and air quality, pollutants from burning wood can adversely affect health and aggravate asthma, childhood bronchitis and lung cancer, and may even hasten death for persons suffering from chronic heart or lung disease. Because it is a public health issue, the city is tightening its regulations on wood-burning appliances.

Don’t forget: You may not use your appliance during smog warnings
In Montréal, there are around a dozen smog episodes each winter. Winter smog is formed mostly of fine particles and can be observed in the form of yellowish fog that affects visibility and reduces air quality. During winter smog warnings, you must stop using your solid-fuel-burning appliance, no matter what type of appliance you have (fireplace, wood stove or pellet-burning stove) and even if it is EPA-compliant.

Declare your solid-fuel-burning appliance online
You are required to declare your appliance. You can complete the declaration form.

Energy efficiency programs
Do you want to get rid of your wood-burning appliance? There are financial assistance programs to help you do your residential renovations and reduce your power bill.

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