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The By-law concerning the use of solid fuel-burning devices and fireplaces 

The by-law is in force in all 19 boroughs and consists of:

  • Prohibiting the use of solid fuel-burning appliances during smog warnings, effective immediately.
  • No solid-fuel-burning device or fireplace may be used or left to be used, unless it is recognized by an organization identified in schedule B to the by-law, as part of a certification process (EPA or CSA/B415.1-10), establishing that it has an emission rate equal to or less than 2.5 g/hr of fine particles into the atmosphere (effective October 1, 2018).
  • Authorizing the use of all solid fuel-burning devices during electricity outages that last more than three hours.

How can I stay informed of smog warnings?

Smog warnings are issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada through the Info-Smog program. To keep up with smog warnings, you can visit the forecase page for Montréal or the warnings bulletin. Even better, you can receive Twitter alerts by following ECAlertezQC147. Montréal shares these smog warnings on its official social media pages (FACEBOOK and TWITTER). You can also monitor the city's air quality de Montréal.

What is a solid-fuel-burning appliance?
Solid-fuel-burning appliances are stoves, prefabricated or conventional fireplaces designed to burn wood logs or other solid materials such as ecological logs, pellets or coal. Gas and electric fireplaces are not solid fuel-burning appliances.

Why was this by-law adopted?
Burning wood is an important source of fine particle emission (PM2.5) in Montréal (39%), just behind transportation (45%). It is one of the main causes of wintertime smog.

In addition to the impact on the environment and air quality, pollutants from burning wood can adversely affect health and aggravate asthma, childhood bronchitis and lung cancer, and may even hasten death for persons suffering from chronic heart or lung disease. Because it is a public health issue, the city is tightening its regulations on wood-burning appliances.

Declare your solid fuel-burning appliance online
You are required to declare your appliance. You can complete the declaration form.

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