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Quartiers 21

The Quartiers 21 program, initiated in 2005 in the context of Montréal’s First Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development, is based on the United Nation’s Agenda 21 action plan. It encourages experimentation and provides support and funding for sustainable development projects at the local level. Quartiers 21 projects provide a better understanding of how sustainable development principles are implemented in a community and reflect the orientations of the Montréal Community Sustainable Development Plan on a local scale. The projects promote citizen awareness of and participation in environmental, social and economic issues, as well as joint action by all local players (institutional, community and private).

They are carried out by local organizations, with the support of the boroughs in which they are set up. The projects are chosen annually, following a call for proposals and selection process. The financial support for each project is $130,000 spread over three years, budget permitting.

Quartiers 21 projects target the following objectives:

  • To implement the orientations of Montréal’s Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development locally
  • To experiment with innovative sustainable development practices locally, integrating environmental, economic and social components
  • To mobilize the local community (citizens, groups and businesses) in the sustainable development implementation process


The Quartiers 21 program is designed to implement the priority orientations of Montréal’s First Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development at the local level by financing projects. The new framework for the program, published in June 2010, takes into account both the specifics of the Second Strategic Plan adopted in 2012 and the results of an analysis of Quartiers 21 conducted in 2010. That analysis reviewed the program after five years of implementation, taking into account suggestions by key informers and changes in the external environment.

The new framework embodies numerous changes resulting from a discussion process, initiated during Exchange Day in October 2009 by the Direction de santé publique de Montréal. Exchange Day focused on the financing program for Mesure 17. The changes include an increase of the amount allocated as well as progressive financing; four projects will now be selected each year instead of three.

To submit a project, visit the “Pour présenter un projet” section of the French web site