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By-law concerning the maintenance of sewer connections

The By-law concerning the maintenance of sewer connections is in force for all of Montréal’s 19 boroughs

  • Its aim is to harmonize practices across the city and end the disparity among municipal services.
  • The by-law divides the responsibility for maintenance and repair of sewer connections located in the public domain between the city and the owner.
  • The city is responsible for the costs of corrective work on connections with structural defects.
  • Building owners must continue to pay maintenance fees on the portion of their connection located in the private domain as well as work on the portion in the public domain to correct any defect that is not structural.

What is a sewer connection?

A sewer connection is a duct that connects a building to the public sewer line. This duct is used to discharge wastewater and rainwater from the building into the municipal sewer system. There are many types of sewer connections: sanitary (wastewater from household use), pluvial (rainwater) and combined (both wastewater and rainwater).

What is the process for having the city repair my sewer connection?

  1. Owners must complete an online form (in French) and provide documents showing that there is a structural defect in the part of the connection that is located in the public domain.
  2. A video of the defect must be provided along with a report from a qualified specialist, hired at the owner’s expense. A report template (in French) is available on the city’s Web site.
  3. Owners must also show that the defect is not the result of misuse or abnormal use of the sewer connection, such as discharge of prohibited substances (such as oil or fat) into the sewer or work being done on private property.

Does this by-law apply to all buildings?

The by-law is applicable to all sanitary, pluvial and combined sewer connections. It is limited to buildings within Montréal’s 19 boroughs in which the diameter of connections is not greater than 225 mm (for pluvial and combined connections) or 150 mm (for sanitary connections). It applies to defective connections in which the defect:

  • Is located in the public domain
  • Is structural (broken, lost pieces or material, deformation, offset joint, etc.)
  • Is not the result of misuse, abnormal use, or work being done on private property.

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