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Composition (2002-2014)


In the name of the City of Montréal, I would like to thank all the builders of the Task Force on Democracy who, over the years, have contributed so generously to the development of democracy in Montréal.

Lionel Perez
Member of the executive committee, responsible for infrastructures, the Commission des services électriques, governance, democracy and government relations

Mr. Dimitri Rousopoulos, President (2003 – 2014)
Mr. Luc Ouimet, Founding President (2002)

2014 Edition

Mr. Warren Allmand
Mr. Claude Beaulac
Mr. Pierre Bélec
Ms. Ilona Dougherty
Ms. Gaëlle Janvier
Ms. Anne Kettenbeil
Mr. Jean-Noé Landry
Mr. Michel Lenczner
Ms. Sharon Leslie
Mr. Philippe Massé
Ms. Anjali Mishra
Mr. Benoit Racette

2002 – 2013 Editions

Me Louis Beauregard
Mr. Claude Béland
Ms. Laurence Bherer
Ms. Johanne Bouchard
Mr. Dinu Bumbaru
Mr. Delfino Campanile,
Ms. Céline Charpentier
Ms. Cynthia Gervais
Ms. Hugette Giard
Ms. Geneviève Giasson
Mr. Jean Hubert
Ms. Suzanne Lalonde
Ms. Myrna Lashley
Ms. Anne Latendresse
Ms. Marie Leahey
Mr. Raymond Levac
Ms. Niki Messas
Mr. Fo Niemi
Mr. Jean Paré
Mr. Yves Poirier
Ms. Caroline Rioux
Ms. Élyse Tremblay
Mr. Paul-Antoine Troxler
Ms. Marie Turcotte
Ms. Anne Usher
Ms. Marjorie Villefranche

Sur Youtube (French only)

  • Hommage au Chantier sur la démocratie (2002-2014)

Le civisme - 02
Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
Take the initiative, It's your right!