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Task Force on Democracy

The activities of the Task Force ended in December 2014. The City of Montréal paid tribute to the Task Force on Democracy at the presentation ceremony for the Mayor of Montréal’s Democracy Award, on December 10, 2014. It also produced a video on the Task Force on Democracy featuring testimonials from a few of its creators.

An informal Montréal workgroup, the Task Force on Democracy was composed primarily of citizens, who participated on a personal basis, and of a small core of public servants. Its main purpose was to produce tools to promote citizen participation and attract interest for city affairs.

In 2014, the Task Force on Democracy fell under the responsibility of Mr. Lionel Perez, member of the executive committee, responsible for infrastructures, the Commission des services électriques, governance, democracy and government relations. Visit this page to learn more about the major projects of the Task Force.

The Task Force on Democracy was a successful model for cooperation and partnership between civil society and Montréal. It is undoubtedly a unique experience in the annals of municipal democracy.

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