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The faces of citizen participation

It’s your city, get involved!

We hope that this exhibition will make you want to get involved in the affairs of your city and neighbourhood to make them into living environments that meet your expectations, and to express your opinions and concerns in order to influence decisions on issues that concern you. By becoming involved, you join the tens of thousands of builders who have tirelessly shaped Montréal in their own ways throughout its 180 years of municipal democracy.


This exhibition was produced by Ville de Montréal and the Task Force on Democracy with the participation of:

  • Archives de Montréal
  • Bureau de la présidence du conseil
  • Centre d’histoire de Montréal
  • Commissions permanentes du conseil de ville
  • Conseil interculturel de Montréal
  • Conseil jeunesse de Montréal
  • Conseil des Montréalaises
  • Conseil du patrimoine de Montréal
  • Direction du greffe – élection Montréal
  • Office de consultation publique de Montréal
  • Ombudsman de Montréal
  • Service du capital humain et des communications

    Photographs and illustrations :
    • Archives de Montréal

    • Denis Labine, photographer – Direction du greffe, Ville de Montréal

    • Philippe Béha,  illustrator

    • The Montreal Gazette

  • Graphics :
    • François Beauchamp - Direction des communications, Ville de Montréal
  • Design and writing :
    • Grégory Kunz, Sylvie Lalonde, Jules Patenaude - Direction du greffe, Ville de Montréal
    • Benoit Gignac, consultant

April 2013

Task Force on Democracy, members representing civil society :

Mr. Dimitri Roussopoulos, president
Mr. Warren Allmand
Mr. Claude Beaulac
Mr. Claude Béland
Mr. Pierre Bélec
Ms. Ilona Dougherty
Ms. Gaëlle Janvier
Ms. Anne Kettenbeil
Mr. Jean-Noé Landry
Mr. Michael Lenczner
Ms. Sharon Leslie
Ms. Anjali Mishra
Mr. Benoit Racette
Ms. Caroline Rioux

Sur Youtube (French only)

  • Hommage au Chantier sur la démocratie (2002-2014)

Le civisme - 02
Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
Take the initiative, It's your right!