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The exercise of the right to vote is fundamental in any democracy. From the first municipal election in Montréal to the establishment of universal suffrage in 1970, this has remained the most important democratic act by thousands of citizens, carried out on a set date every four years.

Under the provisions of the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities, the city clerk acts as Returning Officer. As such, he is responsible for ensuring that such suffrage is exercised in the prescribed form.

To the polls!

The 2013 election aims to fill 103 positions in 58 electoral districts throughout Montréal and its 19 boroughs.

On November 3, 2013, some 1,100,000 voters are called to the polls to elect:

  • the mayor of the city, who is also mayor of the Ville-Marie borough;
  • 18 borough mayors, who are also members of city council;
  • 46 city councillors;
  • 38 borough councillors.

In 2017, the general election will be held on November 5.

Promoting participation

For every election, Montréal establishes measures for voters in general and particular groups, such as young people, people of various origins, and homeless people, to promote participation in the poll.

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