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The faces of citizen participation

Right of Initiative to public consultations (2011)

Citizens in action

2012 – OCPM consultation on urban agriculture Click to enlarge

The highly innovative right of initiative allows citizens to obtain, by filing a petition, the holding of a public consultation on projects, ideas and causes near to their hearts.

Resulting from the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities, this right allows citizens to make a positive contribution to the development of their city or borough.

A first

Right of Initiative to public consultations Click to enlarge

In 2011, the right of initiative was used for the first time by the Groupe de travail en agriculture urbaine. More than 29,000 signatures were collected, although only 15,000 were required for a subject under central jurisdiction. The Office de consultation publique de Montréal held a public consultation on the issue in the spring of 2012, and released its report on October 3, 2012. Following the consultation, Montréal created the Comité de travail de la collectivité montréalaise sur l'agriculture urbaine, with the participation of civil society to develop best practices in that area.

For information on the procedure to follow and the number of signatures required, please see :

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Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
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