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The faces of citizen participation

Conseil interculturel de Montréal (2002)

Welcoming diversity

Membres du Conseil interculturel de Montréal en compagnie d’élus. Click to enlarge

Montréal is the third Canadian city in terms of largest population born abroad, i.e.:

  • 740,400 people born abroad;
  • More than 100 ethnocultural communities;
  • And as many mother tongues throughout the city;
  • In 2010, some 40,000 immigrants set up residence in Montréal.

Since 2003, the Conseil intercultural de Montréal (CiM) has published opinions on topics of interest to cultural communities and on issues pertaining to intercultural relations under municipal authority. It makes recommendations to the city council and executive committee. Moreover, the CiM solicits opinions and conducts studies that are useful and necessary to the development of harmonious relations among citizens of all origins. The CiM’s accomplishments include the publication of important opinions, notably on immigration and integration, the fight against racism and discrimination, civic participation, access to employment equity, and religious diversity.


Its membership is a reflection of the Montréal community. The members are chosen in view of their interest and experience in matters pertaining to intercultural relations. They are civilians appointed by city council following a public call for nominations. Since its creation, more than 50 people have sat on this council.

« I would like to express my satisfaction and pride in the many activities of the Ville de Montréal, such as the Montréal Declaration for Social Diversity and Inclusion, its participation in the International Coalition of Cities Against Racism, and the international recognition of the Council of Europe for all its activities in the intercultural arena, for which Montréal deservedly earned the title of Intercultural City in 2011. »

Habib El-Hage, vice-president (2006-2009)

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