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Conseil du patrimoine de Montréal (2002)

Ten years of heritage

Conseil du patrimoine de Montréal. Click to enlarge

The members of the Conseil du patrimoine de Montréal (CPM) are passionate about what they do. They are appointed owing to their interest in Montréal’s heritage and their expertise relating to various aspects of natural or cultural heritage, such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, ecology, history and art. This expertise, and its cooperation with partners, provide the CPM with an overall view of heritage issues and their impact on Montréal territory.

In 2003, just a few months after its creation, the CPM published opinions, notably on the Declaration of Mount Royal as a historic and natural district, and contributed to the development of the Ville de Montréal Heritage Policy. Over the years, the CPM would play an important role in numerous heritage projects, including the recognition of Dorchester Square, and the redevelopment of Place du Canada, Champ-de-Mars, Place d’Armes and many other sites.

« Since the creation of the Conseil du patrimoine in 2002, I had wanted to participate in that advisory body owing, on the one hand, to my strong interest in Montréal’s history and built environment and, on the other, to the fact that the CPM seemed to me like a unique forum for interdisciplinary discussions that could shed new light on current urban planning issues. »

Claire Poitras, member (2007-2011)


The members of the Conseil du patrimoine are civilians appointed by city council following a public call for nominations. Over ten years, 35 people have sat on the Conseil, which has met more than 150 times. Some 1500 heritage files have been examined, and 550 opinions and memoranda published on its Web site.

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