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The faces of citizen participation

Task force on democracy (2002)

A partnership between Montréal and civil society

La Charte montréalaise des droits et responsabilités. Click to enlarge

The Sommet de Montréal was very prolific. Since 2002, citizens have become personally involved by participating in the Task Force on Democracy.

With the support of a few members of Montréal’s public services, this highly active informal work group, under the responsibility of the mayor of Montréal, has taken on an ambitious mandate: to foster participation, by developing various tools, and arouse interest in Montréal’s affairs.

The task force is responsible for the existence of the following:

  • The Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities (2005)
  • The Right of initiative to public consultations (2010)
  • The Montréal’s public consultation and participation policy (2005)
  • The Mayor of Montréal’s Democracy Award (2012)
  • A dynamic Web site, Montréal, je fais ma ville ici, suggesting various ways to participate in improving the quality of life in Montréal and providing references and tools to that effect (2011)
  • Two practical guides on participation addressed to citizens and developers (2005)

A unique experience

In existence for over 10 years, the Task Force on Democracy is a prime example of effective cooperation between citizens and Montréal. It is a unique experience in the annals of municipal democracy.

Sur Youtube (French only)

  • Hommage au Chantier sur la démocratie (2002-2014)

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Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
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