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The faces of citizen participation

Sommet de Montréal (2002)

Making our city work, together

Sommet de Montréal. Click to enlarge

To this day, the Sommet de Montréal remains an important event in the history of Montréal municipal democracy. Preceded by 27 borough summits and 14 sectoral summits, this major gathering took place in June 2002. It allowed the new Ville de Montréal and its citizens to identify priority actions together. In total, some 4000 citizens from all Montréal areas and lines of activity participated, from March to June, in determining the future of their city.

2 000 projects

The citizens’ participation led to over 2000 projects arising from the borough summits and some 100 more covering the Montréal territory as a whole. These projects pertained to main lines of activity, involving civil society, elected officials, and Montréal civil servants:

Mont Royal. Click to enlarge
  • Democratic life
  • Economic and cultural development
  • Sports and recreation
  • Social and community development
  • Urban infrastructures
  • Sustainable development and environment
  • Urban development and transportation
  • Public and civil safety

Discuss everything, do what’s best

At the Sommet, Montrealers discussed economic development, innovation, knowledge, international recognition, heritage, peace, the fight against poverty, fairness, diversity, transportation, sustainable development, ecology and democracy, to the benefit of the entire community.

Some accomplishments resulting from decisions made at the Sommet with citizens

Quartier des spectacles. Click to enlarge
  • The Quartier des spectacles
  • The rehabilitation of the water distribution system and sewers
  • The library consolidation plan
  • The Table de concertation du Mont-Royal
  • The Ombudsman de Montréal
  • Universal access to municipal buildings and services

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