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The faces of citizen participation

Office de consultation publique de Montréal (2002)

Neutrality and independance

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Created in the wake of the establishment of the new city in 2002 and following the report of the ad hoc consultation committee on the Urban Planning Public Consultation Policy, the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) organizes public consultations and meetings that are credible, transparent, and as effective as possible.

Composed of ad hoc commissioners who are neither elected officials nor employees of Montréal, the OCPM carries out public consultation mandates at the request of the city council or executive committee.

Discussing the future

The consultations pertain to community equipment, major infrastructures, major residential, commercial or industrial establishments, urban renewal, major policies, the Montréal Master Plan and amendments to by-laws to allow such projects to proceed.

Montrealers get involved

In 2012 alone, the OCPM organized and held some ten major public consultations dealing with major real estate projects, significant neighbourhood planning projects, and specific issues such as urban agriculture. Over ten years, the Office has held more than 100 consultations, allowing 25,000 Montrealers to discuss and influence the future of their city.

« One night at a meeting in tiny premises in the middle of the area concerned by the consultation in question, some of the citizens decided to have it out with the commission chair. The atmosphere was tense, but the chair’s explanations of the consultation rules and their merit helped to establish a feeling of trust.

I am privileged to be an active participant in the OCPM, which has established practices offering transparency, quality information, and respect for individuals. »

Viateur Chénard, Commissioner

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