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The faces of citizen participation

City council standing committees (1987)

Collecting opinions

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Composed of elected officials, the standing committees have seen their numbers change since their creation in 1987. Today numbering nine, these city council public consultation bodies make it possible to collect the opinions of citizens on a multitude of subjects, including economic development, finance, public safety, heritage and culture, transportation, public works, the environment and sustainable development.

For example :

  • Street crossings
  • The sale of food on public property
  • The sharing of bicycle paths
  • The Cultural Development Policy
  • The issue of homelessness
  • The disinfection of waste water
  • Budget forecasts and the three-year capital expenditures program
  • Tasers
  • The citizens’ question period in council meetings

For information about committee work schedules or any other questions :

Sur Youtube (French only)

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