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The faces of citizen participation

I have a question for city council

A first in Montréal

Dominique Neuman. Click to enlarge

On December 16, 1986, eight citizens voiced their questions (four in French and four in English) to city council, chaired by city councillor André Berthelet. The first person to speak in English was Mr. Dominique Neuman, and, in French, Mr. Jean-Jacques Bohémier. Elected officials were asked questions about condo conversions, housingcoop financing, bicycle parking and other subjects.

From 1980 to 1986, citizens who wanted to ask city council questions had to do so in writing and send their requests to the city clerk.

Today, people show up before the council meeting to register, stating the topic of the question and the name of the elected official to whom it is addressed. Citizens are chosen to speak by a draw. The question period lasts 60 minutes, with the option to extend it by 30 minutes. Questions may also be addressed to city council members in writing through the city clerk at least 15 juridical days before the council meeting.

Ever closer

In 2002, with the establishment of the new Ville de Montréal, citizens were granted a question period in all borough council meetings. Again in the name of openness and accessibility, city council meetings started to be webcast live on March 22, 2010, and executive committee meetings on December 5, 2012.

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