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The faces of citizen participation

Thanks to you

Public meeting on the future Quartier de la gare in Pointe-aux-Trembles Click to enlarge

Through this exhibition, you will discover why Montréal attracts worldwide interest in terms of citizen participation. Among other things, you will be introduced to a wide range of instruments that have been used by citizens for over 25 years.

Influencing decisions

Why has such effort been invested, since 1986, by the municipal departments, boroughs and neighbourhoods? To meet citizens’ requests to participate in their city’s affairs and take part in decisions that concern them, to make room for creativity, and to encourage debates that improve Montréal’s ideas and projects.

The municipal bodies that foster participation form a unit that continues to perfect itself, with the help of citizens, year after year.

Thanks to you

The citizens are the ones who have made, make, and will make democracy in Montréal. Thousands of them participate every year to influence decisions.

We hope that this presentation will encourage you to join those true builders of Montréal. We wish you a pleasant visit.

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