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City services
City services
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  Air quality (in French)  
Reinspection of residential properties on the island of Montréal from April 1 to June 30, 2009
Questions about your tax bill?
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A practical guide to help you find what you're looking for: municipal services, by-laws, special events, activities or resources.
What's new

Collections will take place between January 4 and 22, 2009. Details vary from borough to borough.

Montréal has launched a series of initiatives to protect the environment.
Montréal and the environment (in French)
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Collections and recycling
Where to go
You can take items that are not accepted at regular pickups to écocentres. In many boroughs, éco-quartiers and citizens work together to create a better environment. Find out how to dispose of household waste and items you no longer use.
Écocentres (in French)
+ Disposal of residual materials (in French)
Are you concerned about the safety of groceries you buy or food served in restaurants?
Food inspection in Montréal is nearly a century-old practice (in French)
List of offenders (in French)
How to make a complaint (in French)
City pound
The city pound is responsible for safekeeping goods received as a result of evictions, abandoned vehicles, goods that were seized by police.
City pound
Public auctions
Mechanics, repair and manufacturing
Services for administrations and public organizations: Mechanics, management of the city’s fleet of vehicles, paint and body work, joinery work, metal work, screen printing and audiovisuals. Rolling stock and municipal shops.
Housing Initiatives adapted to the needs of our citizens
Learn about the city’s action plan to create social, community and affordable housing and financial assistance programs for Montréal residents.
Opération 15000 logements
Overview of projects under development
Financial assistance
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Need a permit?
Need a permit? By-laws, procedures, rights, recourses
Whether you want
to apply for a permit, set a court date or review by-laws, this section will lead you to the right source.
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Metro Getting around town ...
Montréal offers a comprehensive
public transit system and road services. Check our various resources and have a good trip!
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Besoin d'un permis?
Consultations publiques Taking part in public consultations.
PDF A practical guide for citizens [350 KB - 32 pages]
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