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Reports and disclosure hotline

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Montréal's police department (SPVM) now offers the option to report a situation online.

For all emergencies, or to report an imminent danger to yourself or others, call 911.

The reports and disclosure hotline was implemented so that any person who would like to contact the inspector general about information relevant to his mandate can do so. The inspector general’s mandate is to oversee contracts and execution of contracts for the city and moral persons with ties to the city.

The inspector general was tasked with managing the city’s ethics hotline in June 2014. The ethics hotline was merged with and integrated into the inspector general’s reports and disclosure hotline to offer residents a single entry point.

The inspector general guarantees confidentiality of the process and anonymity of those who contact him. 

Reports that are not under the inspector general’s jurisdiction will be redirected, with the complainant’s agreement, to the responsible body.

Contact the reports and disclosure hotline
Phone: 514-280-2800
Fax: 514-280-2877
Online disclosure service:


Who can use the reports and disclosure hotline?

Anyone can use the reports and disclosure hotline:

  • Employees
  • Elected officials
  • Residents
  • Entrepreneurs
  • City service providers

Under what circumstances?

If you witness or have information about wrongful acts such as:

  • Irregularity of contracts or execution of contracts
  • Corruption, wrongdoing, collusion, fraud or traffic of influence
  • Theft, loss or inappropriate use of city goods 
  • Loss and inefficiency
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Ethical violation by an elected official or employee
  • Poor management or non-compliance with current policies and procedures

What information should be provided?

  • Description of the wrongful act
  • Name or description of persons involved
  • Circumstantial evidence (date, time, place, etc.) and any form of proof

Will my report remain confidential?

The inspector general takes all necessary measures to ensure that the anonymity of a person who makes a report or disclosure is preserved.

We handle all reports in a confidential, objective and impartial matter, and without regard to the function, the title, number of years of service or relationship with the city of any party likely to be involved in any investigation.

Anyone who contacts the inspector general is protected against reprisals or threats of reprisals.

Anyone who engages in reprisals or threatens to do so towards a person who contacts the inspector general is committing a criminal offence and liable to a fine of up to  $250,000 (the fine is doubled for subsequent offences).

What happens next?

After each report or disclosure, information is compiled in a confidential event report. Each report is examined and handled by the inspector general’s office.

If the report or disclosure falls under the jurisdiction of the inspector general, he may, following his examination or investigation:

  • cancel a contract award
  • terminate or suspend the execution of a contract
  • send city council or other municipal authority a report on its consultations or recommendations

The inspector general reserves the right to refuse to follow up on a report or disclosure if it is determined:

  • that the report is not relevant
  • that facts do not support allegations
  • that the information lacks credibility
  • that the report does not fall under the mandate or jurisdiction of the inspector general, in which case it will be forwarded to the appropriate authority, with the agreement of the person who contacted the inspector general.