RSS Feeds

A number of RSS feeds are available on the city’s Web site. You can access the latest news releases, calls for tenders and public notices from the city. You also can select information from one or more boroughs or the entire city.

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What is an RSS feed?
RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds allow users to display updates to their favourite sites. You can display RSS feeds from your favourite sites and organize them in your Web site, your browser or specialized software and save the time you spend checking sites for updates.

Conditions of use for RSS feeds
There is no charge for RSS feeds, which are reserved for personal use only. We encourage you to use them on personal Web sites, in blogs or simply for purposes of information. You must include the source when content from is displayed on your Web site. We reserve the right to require that you stop publishing content from Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Reading RSS feeds
RSS feeds are processed by RSS readers, also known as feed readers. A number of browsers can also read RSS feeds. Feed readers check sites for updates and alert the subscriber when a feed is modified. Several search engines, including Yahoo! and Google, offer RSS news aggregation on their home pages.

Web browsers

Online aggregators